Is PCOS An Autoimmune Disease?

It’s no surprise that this is a question that often comes up for women with PCOS, however, the answer isn’t exactly cut and dry. A lot of women who suffer from PCOS also suffer from other comorbid issues, a number of which mimic symptoms of autoimmune diseases. What is an autoimmune disease? According to WebMD,Continue reading “Is PCOS An Autoimmune Disease?”

How Stress Affects PCOS and What You Can Do About It

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that if you purchase an item from one of the links in this post, I might receive a very small commission at absolutely NO extra cost to you. Stress and PCOS are as cyclical as a Ferris Wheel at a carnival. Most of the time, we haveContinue reading “How Stress Affects PCOS and What You Can Do About It”

How To Reset After a Long Weekend

My sister’s baby shower was this past weekend, which means lots of emotions and plenty of junk food. I rarely get to see her anymore since she is a marine currently stationed in Beaufort, SC. When she comes into town, we like to try to visit our old haunts if we have time, but atContinue reading “How To Reset After a Long Weekend”

The Role of Excess Androgens in PCOS

Androgens are an important aspect of PCOS that often gets overlooked. However, if you are here, you are likely digging into how to PCOS works and what you can do to help correct it. Androgens are defined as any natural or synthetic steroid hormone that regulates the development and maintenance of male characteristics in vertebratesContinue reading “The Role of Excess Androgens in PCOS”

Excess Hair Growth and PCOS

One of the most common and embarrassing aspects of PCOS is the hirusitism or excess hair growth on the body. Often, it will present on the face in the mustache and under chin areas, side burns, and even eyebrow areas. The cause of this can be linked to the excess androgen, testosterone that is oftenContinue reading “Excess Hair Growth and PCOS”

Does Seed Cycling Help PCOS?

First of all, what is seed cycling? It is an alternative medicine practice that is intended to regulate hormones by introducing specific seeds to your diet at intentional times in your cycle. To fully understand what seed cycling is and what the intended result would be for women with PCOS, we must first understand howContinue reading “Does Seed Cycling Help PCOS?”

3 Supplements You Need If You Have PCOS

With all of the conflicting information on the internet about what will help for women with PCOS, this list is intended to serve as a starting point. I have compiled a list of supplements that have been researched and proven to help with management of PCOS cause and symptoms. As always, I am not aContinue reading “3 Supplements You Need If You Have PCOS”

Insulin Resistance and Inositol

You might have heard the PCOS buzzword, “Inositol,” in your recent research regarding PCOS. What is it? What does it do? Could it actually help you? The answer is – it might! When I was looking into natural alternatives for Metformin, I came across this research study on the effect of the “inositols” on PCOS.Continue reading “Insulin Resistance and Inositol”

Lowering Inflammation Through Diet

If you have PCOS, there is a good chance that you also face a significant amount of inflammation in your body. This is sometimes why women with PCOS don’t ovulate or experience a period. Take a listen to find out the basics on how you can start lowering the inflammation naturally through making some adjustmentsContinue reading “Lowering Inflammation Through Diet”

Spearmint and PCOS

In all of your internet searching, you probably have come across the idea of using Spearmint Tea to mitigate some of the side effects of PCOS. At first, I was skeptical, but after a few months of trying it for myself, I am finding that it WORKS! If you want to try the same kindContinue reading “Spearmint and PCOS”