Why You NEED To Dig Into Your Epigenetics Tonight

Have you ever taken the time to think about how the trauma that your family has experienced over the generations might be related to the health concerns that you have? Did you know that generational trauma can be passed down to you through DNA? What is Epigenetics? Over the past month or so, I haveContinue reading “Why You NEED To Dig Into Your Epigenetics Tonight”

Chlorophyll and PCOS – What’s The Hype?

You’ve probably seen it on TikTok and social media like crazy… Chlorophyll Water. What is it anyway? Years ago when my mom and I were under the care of a holistic medicine doctor, she had us drinking it before it was cool to do. However, back then, I was only 17 and really couldn’t getContinue reading “Chlorophyll and PCOS – What’s The Hype?”

PCOS Hair Loss

PCOS Hair Loss in Women One of the most common issues for women with PCOS is hair loss. While this might seem counter intuitive to the hirusitism, they can actually coexist. I am a personal example of both existing at the same time. It can be devastating for women to pull clumps and chunks ofContinue reading “PCOS Hair Loss”

Self Love and PCOS – Ideas To Try Today

If you’re just here for the list, scroll down 🙂 I saw something the other day about what it looks like when you have ADHD and finally take your mask of forcing yourself to be neurortypical off around someone you fee comfortable with. This really got me thinking about a few things. At first, ifContinue reading “Self Love and PCOS – Ideas To Try Today”

How Does CBD Work In The Body?

When I was first using CBD years ago, it was super important to me to know why what I was putting in my body was actually working. I feel like this is the main difference between someone who uses cannabis recreationally and someone who uses it medicinally. Often times recreational users will use cannabis purelyContinue reading “How Does CBD Work In The Body?”

The Ultimate PCOS Holiday Wish List 2020: Pandemic Style

With the holidays right around the corner, you are probably starting to get questions about what you would like or if you have a wish list compiled. This can be an especially difficult time for women with PCOS because of holiday food causing flare ups, mixed emotions if you have been ttc, and maybe evenContinue reading “The Ultimate PCOS Holiday Wish List 2020: Pandemic Style”

MODMED Recipe: Vegan Taco Dip

Sundays are for football in our house and since we always host (usually a ton of my hubby’s single guy friends) I am always left cooking a ton of food that I can’t eat. This sunday, I finally created my very own recipe of one of my usual crowd pleasers – Taco Dip! At first,Continue reading “MODMED Recipe: Vegan Taco Dip”

My Favorite Dairy-Free Substitutes!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links which means that at absolutely no additional cost to you, I might receive a small commission if you make a purchase using one of my links. Warning: Long post with tons of unbelieveable dairy-free product selections below. You may want to go ahead and save or bookmark thisContinue reading “My Favorite Dairy-Free Substitutes!”

MODMED Recipe: Mediterranean Style Minestrone Soup

You all asked for Mediterranean Diet recipes and you shall receive! My husband and I are huge soup fans and especially in the fall months, it’s nice to curl up inside with a warm bowl of something delish! You’ll notice I added a couple of things to my soup that aren’t typically in a minestroneContinue reading “MODMED Recipe: Mediterranean Style Minestrone Soup”